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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Too much problem at work resulting me feeling exhausted, sick, tired, migraine. One problem after another. Seems like the whole thing is going down. Yes I'm feeling damn low now. But still trying my utmost to keep my spirit high. Afterall they all need me the most.

I cant sleep yesterday night. Very not like me. Usually once the time past 1030, that it's. My brain send a message to my eyes telling me to call it a day but not for yesterday. Past 12 midnight, eyes still feeling soo fresh. Earlier on i had swallowed 2 Extra Panadols which supposedly makes me groggy and fall asleep but that didnt happen. I managed to close my eyes for about 1/2 hr before being awaken by hub. We cant sleep and end up watchin tv till 230am when his eyes are giving in but not mine. He already in his lala land while me... still bright.. eyes staring into empty space in the room. Then again it strike for the 3rd time... my head felt soo heavy that I feel it will burst out any moment. Took deep breath and exhale a few times. I dont know how many times I did that till I fell asleep. Woke up at 730am with panda eyes and here I am blogging and still feeling groggy. I think that what happen last night was due to stress. I hope tonight I wont be having the same thing and hope that this fever will go off soon.

Tomorrow another long day ahead.. meeting with the Director gives me the chill. Not that I'm totally freaked out upon seeing him. He is utterly one cool Director that I ever known. But i forsee that he is gonna get blown off by the results that we achieved so far. Hey! It's not as if we did not try out best. In fact we did our utmost but due to the fact that we are overwhelmed by the work load that we receive daily because of lack in manpower. Can someone send me a fairy-godmother so that I can happily zap and make a clone out of my current staffs that I have now???!!! Then it will solve the issue and we can deliver the best results ever! So anyone? Hah!

9:28 AM
Yi'm blinded by the love that u shower me.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I dunno what's wrg with blogger nowadays. It's really kinda irritating when i put up all the hard work and it didnt turn up right. And so.. to end my misery of updating my diary(which was suppose to be stress-free end up made me soo flustered!), I've decided to end it here and move on with my multiply acct... and soo if you peeps out there still wondering where i've been.. just add me up in multiply aite!!! Till then ppl... have a great life ahead! muackzzzzz!!!!

10:44 PM
Yi'm blinded by the love that u shower me.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Im trying to do something to my blog. It's just that I didnt get it right at the moment. Still browsing ard finding for codes and maybe... nice skin so that I can put up a fast change. Though I have my multiply account, I still love my Blogger. Maybe I'm just used to it, albeit Multiply is much easier and user friendly.

Over the week, my body was giving in. I'm easily tired and having headache. Feeling fatigue. Faint 2x at work. Luckily my angels are ard else I dunno where i might stumble onto. I remember I was feeling dizzy the whole the day. The whole office thought I was pregnant.. but then I was like... halo... the aunty came and visit me already lah!! But I cant be sure.. Adeq told me that her friend was having menses and yet she's PREGNANT! Till now I'm like wondering hw on earth can that happen. I mean your ovulation period normally comes aft 2 wks of your menses. Then again I thought.. it's kuasa Allah s.w.t. The loving hubby received a call from Adeq saying... 'Lyea pengsan'.. his 1st reaction was... 'mata dia bukak ke tutup??' 'hw she pengsan??' and with a lil giggle.. he thought that I was playing ard cos I love to animate infront of him each time he's feeling bored.. ya i know... im the clown in the house. Wateva... at least i cld make someone smile each day... sense of satisfaction alrite. I told them that I'm alright(ego.. haha) just that i need rest for a while. N there goes my day at work. I fell asleep.. and the nxt thing i heard was them having briefing. Oh.. my MIL thought I was pregnant too... hee false alarm lah.

Yesterday was lil Afiq's birthday. We had a lil celebration at nenek's place. It was fun having his cousins ard and his sis. They're into karaoke-ing. But I was nt in the mood. So i skip. The cake was nice, the food too.. cos my MIL cook mah. Anyway, hub collected the album, potrait and table tops from Fatimah Mohsin shoot the other day. And wow.. i was excited looking at them. Who will not rite?? Real wedding shoots hah...

2:00 PM
Yi'm blinded by the love that u shower me.

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